About Us

Who we are?

                Founded in April 2014, Agamya Solutions mission is to support StartUp and FinTech to take their Idea, Products and Services in to market in a timely manner while keeping the cost at its absolute low without compromising on quality. Agamya has a track record of supporting Statups and Fintech to acheive this and has reduced the Product development and suport cost by 75%. We also offer Startup's with less than 5 staff a special discount of 20% on already low cost to help them use their valuable cash reserve in other key activieis like sales, marketing etc. Our field of specialisation includes Payments, Financial Servicces, Technology and Engineering and Telecom

Our Objective

Our objective is to deliver at high pace, lowest-cost and excellent quality in Product development and Consulting services. Also our vision is to be seen and known in the IT service industry as a big supporter and partner for Startup's and FinTech's in their quest to disrupt the market

What we do?

We provide consulting, development , testing and support capabilties from our Onshore, Nearshore and Offshore delivery centers with razer focus on Time to market , lowest-cost and highest quality of delivery. We believe in partnership, this means that our customers success is the only way to measure our success, hence we have a pricing model and delivery model that suits the Startup and Fin?Tech world who are generally cash crunched, to them a reduction of 75% is build cost means that these sved funds can be effectively utilised in other areas like sales and marketing.

Why us?

Other than our price that is a reduction of cost by 75%, we also have excellent track record of Delivering solutions consistently "On Time & On Budget" with Quality has always been a hallmark of our engagements. We help you to set the right goals from the outset. Our consultants have extensive business experience and can work with you & your Stakeholders to help evaluate, prioritize and meet your business needs through full range of high quality, cost-effective consulting solutions.
Our flexible industry focused approach to understanding business needs, delivers great results for our clients, providing a tailor-made solution just for you.