Development and Testing Services

Onshore, Nearshore and Offshore

Today Business are getting more and more complex with the advent of Information Technologies and to stay competitive Organizations have to strive hard to gain superiority in every Enterprise Function. It is for this reason organizations need highly multi-skilled professionals to take care of their Business Processes and Functions . Agamya understands this very well and as a leader in Quality Resourcing Services , we provide Multi-Skilled Resources to Enterprises to fulfil their Solutions Delivery Requirements. It is this function which builds a greater amount of trust and confidence between Agamya and its clientele.

We provide two models of operations, Time and Material and Managed Services.

In Time and Material model, Agamya provides highly skilled developers, testers, Business Analyst and Architect who will work as an extended team to the customer existing team, the management of the resources and work allocation will be customers responsibilities, customer can opt to use our scrum master or leads to ensure Agamya manages certain modules. Agamya recommends this model during the early stages of engagement as it gives an opportunity to understan each other and establish a good relationship and trust

In Managed Service model, Agamya builds a highly skilled team of developers, testers, Business Analyst and Architect who will work based on outsourced fully functional components of the product or the entire product development itself. This model is suitable for customers who have a well matured product management team. Agamya provides the customer with reports that are automated and of highest tranperency. Agamya only recommends this model after 1 year of engagement

Accelerator Components

Accelerated Product Development

Agamya continues to use its industry experience to create accelrators to help use customers to build their products in a fast track mode

Agamya has come out with accelerators in areas of payment gateway, portals and backoffice function. These accelerators components will be completely customers IP post implementation for a minimal cost

Mobile Application Development

As smartphones evolve, more people are accessing websites and applications on their phone. To target this section of consumers, we can help you build a mobile application on native iOS or Android platforms, this is for getting you more visibility and maximizing your profits. Or you can convert your internal business processing software into a mobile application for increased productivity. Either way, this helps our clients mobilize and manage their business anytime, anywhere.

Our mobile application features include :

     iOS and Android native applications

     Use of HTML5 and CSS for the UI

    Responsive layout suiting different resolutions

     Use of open source mobile framework

Non-Functional Testing

Agamya believes that no product is complete without proper Non fucntional testing. Our stringent quality assurance team works with uyour functional testing team to understand the non-fuctional requirements of each features and develop a continue non-fucntional testing regime that is automated and mapped to you CI/CD and DevOps capability

Non fucntional testing covers performance, availability, latency, scalability, resilience, usability and stress testing at the minimum, we also partner with thrid party to provide customer with Penetration testing

Strategic Consulting

Agamya Solutions provides IT experts having 10 to 20 years of experience in various areas of technology, business fucntions and industries, they are experienced resource to work with senior managers, directors and C Suites to draft product and technology roadmap, execution plan and find gaps in enterprise and solution architecture.

This absolutely unique blend of technical and business management experience combined with a zeal to innovate and excel, helps us identify the pain points in your business and give relevant cost effective solutions in a timely manner, making us truely unique.

Technology Consulting

Our Architects help transform business by enhancing performance and productivity, while encouraging innovative ideas. In the ever-growing business world today, there are a lot of companies providing services to customers.

Looking for a technical partner for a one-off analysis of your existing system, or want expert guidance on improvising your process, or a long term consulting partnership, we can help. Our expert Architects are always available to help you implement efficient changes, supporting growth and improved profitability for our clients.

Expert technical advice is provided to our clients for various IT infrastructure decisions, product development decisions or simply wanting to ensure that all systems are dynamic enough to cope with ever changing technical curve. This results in an improved, efficient and effective business process for our partners.

Our consultants specialize across the Java & J2EE stack to include JSP, Servlets, Struts, Spring, Hibernate, JPA, Restful Web Services and .NET. Our expertise also include applications developed using Linux, Apache, MySQL, & PHP.

AWS Cloud Serices, GCP and Azure. Specialise in Mobile technolgies and digital transformation, also specialisation in SalesForce and implementations

Management Consulting

Consult us for analyzing existing organizational operational problems, analyze the problems collaboratively and then develop plans and solutions for improvement.

Our consultants have a wide range of experience in product development, delivery and risk management. We put in our years of expertise to help our clients, optimize their business by providing them with best in class service.